Its honey is organic certificated. The company’s products are beloved by consumers and their quality confirms with the state Russian quality system and the International Institute of Quality (Monde Selection, Brussel).

We actively work with the Research Institute of Honey and Bee Products and have developed two lines of honey with functional additives: ImmunUP with valuable bee products and cedar sap to strengthen immunity and SPORT Honey with taurine, protein, collagen, and vitamins for people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Biologic also produces healthy sweets and candies: honey souffle, soft grillage, fruit and nut sticks, candy souffle in chocolate, pastilla, and marshmallows. All sweets contain raw honey and are made exclusively from natural products. They are delicious and healthy.
Biologic has been producing TM Berestov A.S. honey and healthy sweets for more than 20 years.
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Its production facilities are certified according to the international system ISO 22000:2018. The most popular among honey lovers is the Select line of honey products from Russia’s best apiaries, which undergo strict laboratory control.
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