The main advantage of Kirov's Mill is the production of specialized types of flour that meet customers’ requirements. Kirov's Mill takes care of its partners’ interests: with unique expertise in milling technologies, our specialists can create any kind of flour for a wide range of client's products. At present, Kirov's Mill offers more than 50 types of specialized flour, as well as bran, flakes, and groats. The entire product range of Kirov's Mill fully complies with international norms and requirements.
Kirov's Mill (Melnitsa Kirova) is the leading flour milling enterprise in Russia and the largest mill in Europe. Founded in 1939, Kirov's Mill has a long history of milling experience and traditions. Today, Kirov's Mill is a flour milling plant that produces a wide range of products that comply with Russian and international market standards. It uses high-tech equipment and the most innovative technologies.
45 Obukhovskoy Oborony Ave., Letter BS, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 192019

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