• Nuts
  • Dried fruits, some of which have chocolate coating
  • Fruits and marmalade
  • Confectionery dragees
  • Sweets
NIKA Production Company has been continuously developing on the nuts, dried fruits, and confectionery market since 2015. Its main focus is the production and wholesale of nuts, dried fruits, and candied fruits. Our company offers partners a wide range of products. In production, we use exclusive, selected raw materials for proven and export promotions in Thailand, Argentina, China, India, and Turkey. The quality of our products is confirmed by the HACCP Certification from the Food Safety Management System. The company ensures its manufacturing operations run smoothly due to its own production facilities, a well-established system of raw materials supply, a modern warehouse complex, and its own vehicle fleet.
NIKA Production Company, 2 Gospitalnaya St., Selyatino Village, Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Region, Russia, 143345

+7 495 663 77 07
Freshness. Products are made only from fresh crops, while well-established supplies from the world's largest nut plantations help to avoid unnecessary storage of products at warehouses
Quality. All incoming raw materials are subjected to multi-stage quality control to exclude the ingress of a low-quality product on the packaging line
Naturalness. All products undergo phytosanitary control and are never treated with pesticides or chemicals
NIKA Production Company
Innovation. Our own development center ensures that our products comply with the latest recipes and guarantees product safety at the level of the best world analogues
Design. A bright and premium product design makes it stand out on the shelf and attracts the attention of customers
Package. Modern and well thought-out packaging ensures convenience for consumers in any situation