Founded in 2000, it is currently one of Russia’s largest producers of healthy lifestyle products. Our factory produces: sugar substitutes in various forms (stevia, sucralose, erythritol, saccharin, cyclamates, aspartame, etc.), fruit and nut bars with 100% natural ingredients, and ready-made breakfasts, such as granola with no white sugar and honey muesli, chicory drinks, protein lines (granola, pancakes, portioned porridges/soups/shakes), etc. The products are manufactured under 4 brands: BIONOVA ®, All’LIGHT ®, NOVASWEET ®, and CHIKOROFF ®.
NovaProdukt AG is a unique manufacturer of healthy food products, as well as dietary, diabetic, and enriched products.
5 Kutuzovskaya St. , Severovo Village, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia, 142117

+7 495 225 56 55
NovaProdukt AG LLC