Qummy offers a new lifestyle where you only spend time on what really matters. Thanks to Qummy, people delegate cooking to the most advanced technology. We have managed to digitize cooking by 70% in an effort to eliminate human error and its effects. In short, we are revolutionizing the way we eat at home, at work or when we travel, by offering healthy meals for everyday life. Our menu includes more than 100 restaurant-quality dishes.
Qummy is an international food tech company founded in 2020.
Jabal Ali Industrial First, Dubai, UAE

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We have developed over 60 innovations to produce restaurant-quality dishes with a shelf life of up to 365 days. Our Smart Ice technology preserves the quality, flavour and texture of food at -18 degrees, and our smart Qummy oven defrosts and finishes cooking within 6 minutes. Therefore, our B2B customers sell hot meals with an average markup of 100% and cut the costs for kitchens and chefs. It is an excellent solution for delivery services, darkstores, petrol stations, offices, cafes and HORECA - in Russia we partner with the largest delivery companies, selling more than 100,000 portions per month.