Main groups of the product line:

  • Classic fondant candies (delicate texture)
  • Candies with filling (popular flavors in bright packaging at a low price)
  • Cream dome-shaped candies in exclusive packaging receive SPECIAL attention. They are what keeps the end consumer coming back
Chocolate Magic Confectionery Factory was founded in 2016 and uses high-tech European equipment

We sell candy in 12 countries and 155 cities of Russia
6 Telegrafnaya str. , Perm city, 614058, Russia

+7 919 440 10 17
We regularly monitor the best confectionery products and use them to develop our new products, which quickly acquire leading positions according to ABC analyses
We develop new products based on our customers' demands, i.e. if you have a vision of what you want, we will make it for you!
Our products are well represented in nationwide chain stores. As a result, our compliance is regularly audited due to all the HACCP management system requirements
The factory uses high-tech equipment from leading European manufacturers, which enables us to manufacture various types of products as efficiently as possible at a competitive price

All products are manufactured according to GOST standards without artificial colors or GMOs

The factory regularly releases new products on the market, which helps attract additional traffic from end users and retain existing partners
We use only high-quality raw materials
hroughout their shelf life, all desserts and candies retain excellent flavor qualities, such as a pleasant aroma, taste, and delicate consistency