We are developing new technologies for the selection, processing, and cooking of grains.

Our modern production technologies ensure the careful processing of products and preserve all nutrients inside the selected grains.

The proper processing and preparation of products ensures an ideal balance between the simplicity, speed, taste, and the value of the dishes it offers.
Uvelka is an industry leader, one of the largest producers of cereals in Russia with a 30-year history, and boldly uses the capabilities of modern technologies. A few years ago, the company began exporting its products and is now the number one exporter of grain products in more than 50 countries. In 2020, export sales grew by 145% in value compared with 2019. Our oats are produced using modern equipment that preserve the natural benefits of wholegrains.
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Uvelka is for those who pay attention to the quality and content of products, strive to eat healthy food, like cooking something new, and enjoy spending time with their family.