SIBERIA GOLD LLC is a full-cycle production facility that processes pine nuts as well as cleans and processes agricultural crops, such as flax, coriander, hemp, mustard, cumin, and others. The natural products come from ecologically clean areas of Siberia, such as Baikal, Buryatia, and Gorny Altai.
33 Petrovskoe Highway, Warehouse/Box 6/1, Golitsyno, Odintsovo District, Moscow 143041

+7 915 177 24 65
+7 983 303 58 63
All our products undergo careful selection and strict quality control, do not contain GMOs, dyes, or flavors, and are perfect for vegetarians and adherents of a healthy diet. We try to preserve all the useful properties of our products in their original form, as they were created by nature itself. Our main goal is to help people living in megacities to eat healthy and properly, using natural, fresh, and healthy products in their daily diet. Export.